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About Dr. Gauri

DOCTOR | Integrative Medicine Expert | specialist for Anxiety Relief | well-being Consultant

Hello! I’m Dr. Gauri Patil, Founder and CEO of Orenda Holistic Healing, I’m Doctor, Integrative Health Coach for Anxiety relief & a Well-being consultant.

I was always fascinated by the preventive aspect of healthcare. While studying in my medical school I acquired additional skills and got additional qualifications in Exercise science, Nutrition and so on. My interest in medical school flourished and I was determined to be a good doctor. This reflected in my academics too where in my Final year of Graduation, I excelled in all subjects including Medicine and Preventive & social medicine and topped the year gaining the first position.  In the previous years, I topped in subjects like Surgery & OBGYN while obtaining a spot for myself among the top 4 meritorious students.  After that , I headed to Oxford UK, for my Masters degree in Health & Social care. I also have a masters degree in Hospital Management. Later while working in the social care setting in UK, I got introduced to the Health coaching area & I’m certified in that area from the leading schools in the world.

Additionally I am is a certified Yoga teacher, a certified Neuro- linguistic & Timeline therapy practitioner, a Chakra Healer, Advanced meditation certified, Yog Nidra certified and so on. I prepare individual, holistic plans for busy people to lead a productive lifestyle.

I have always been very passionate about supporting people beyond the traditional methods of treatments. After reading medicine, I underwent various trainings which has helped me get a deeper understanding of the human nature & psychology, whether at work place or socially. My ability to be empathetic and non judgemental helps me to understand my patients better and deliver good results. I firmly believe that an integrative approach towards health is the need of the hour as it will reflect in the over all progress & productivity. Well-being and Health is no longer a luxury. We all deserve to heal by uprooting the root cause of our anxieties rather that taking the band aid approach. My commitment towards the higher good of the patient helps me to keep upgrading myself in terms of knowledge and skills. 

Additionally, I make educational videos that help people bust the myths and get the right knowledge on how to take care of their physical and mental health on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

We at Orenda Holistic Healing will help you gain equilibrium with your health for a more wholesome experience whether at work place or in personal life & overcome your anxieties effectively. 

About Orenda Integrative Medicine

The word ‘Orenda’ represents power inherent in people and the natural world, a life force that exists in everything and can influence the outcome of events. Therefore at Orenda Integrative Medicine, we aim to connect you with your inner strength to influence the control and outcome of your life.
Anxiety, stress, and lingering health issues taking a toll on your life? Dr. Gauri Patil and our caring team get it, and we’re here to help.

Our Mission:

We strive to work with you consistently for an empowered, nourished, healthier, enriched, and brighter state of being.

Our Vision:

To provide custom- made, non- judgemental, authentic services to help people overcome their Anxiety, Overwhelm and Burnout, and to spread the ripple effect for healthier communities with integrative approach including medications, Behavioural Therapies, exercise science, nutrition and resting techniques.

Our Values

Patient centric commitments
personal accountability

The Foundation of Wellness we follow includes:-

Principles of Homoeopathic Medicine
Whole Foods
Movement (through exercise science principles & Yog)
Principles of Psychology (Modern and Yogic Psychology)
Chakra Healing
Behavioral Sciences
Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy
German New Medicine (GHk)
Bach Flower Therapy
Resting Techniques
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