Transformation Tales
Ms. Natasha G

Dr. Gauri’s impact was deep on my overall quality of life. I was able to quickly build a strong working relationship and alliance with Dr. Gauri because she provided me with an open, compassionate and non-judgemental environment. Our sessions are goal oriented and she is quick to celebrate my achievements and provides an optimistic outlook towards my future. Dr. Gauri has a strong knowledge of her profession and has been able to equip me with tools that are tailored to my needs and goals. I would highly recommend Dr. Gauri!

Ms. Manogna B

Dr. Gauri Ma’am’s sessions helped me in my studies especially during my French exam. She helped me reduce my stress levels during my exams and she provided techniques to follow to score well and to complete my syllabus on time without any stress. She also provided me few techniques to be followed in life for anger management. With one of her techniques, I learned how to prioritise things. I recommend people who want some support in their career or studies or some help to reduce their anxiety levels can approach Gauri Ma’am.

Dr. Aditi B

When I hit the lowest in my life I made one good decision of approaching Dr.Gauri for Orenda Integrative Medicine. Before my first session I was little doubtful thinking if it would help me but the first session itself took away all my doubts and fears. She took heed of all my issues and made a beautiful program to find the solution. Her way of organizing the program, her efforts of putting me into good practice of daily routine has really changed my lifestyle in a good way. I could happily share all my problems simply because she never judged me! With her support I am physically and mentally at a better place now. I would highly recommend Dr.Gauri for her services which are professional, knowledgeable, skilled, positive, goal oriented and highly satisfactory.
Dr. Gauri is skilled, well-studied of her profession, the moment the session started, I sensed a feeling of positivity and the best part is that she is non-judgemental which made me feel safe to discuss thoroughly my feelings and situation. She knew exactly what needed to be done to heal me through an organized program which included daily meditation and much more. The best part about the sessions were asking queries that were bothering me from so long. These sessions had a powerful impact on me, my routine, my perspective to see things in my life and the correct way to reciprocate in life. I would highly recommend Orenda Integrative Medicine to everyone who wants to lead a positive life, to heal and to start focusing on the right things.

Mrs. Bhagyashree D

Any kind of mental health issues aren't readily accepted in Indian society. The main aspect is to accept the persons feelings and thoughts, and that's exactly what Dr. Gauri does beautifully. She made me first accept my own anxiety issues, and then showed me the path to resolve them.
Dr. Gauri's therapy isn't a quick fix, but it goes to the root of the problem in a retrospective method. Her empathetic approach made me comfortable with her immediately.
The holistic healing approach is multidimensional (a combination of thought processing exercises, a good diet and workout suitable to each one), set out to make a permanent change in my lifestyle and thought process.
I am grateful to her for making me comfortable with myself.

Mrs. Nivedita A

I came to know about Dr. Gauri through Instagram. I saw one of her videos on Anxiety management and the compassion with which she spoke, made me join her coaching session. And I was not wrong. She is very warm, friendly, non judgemetal and a very good listener. I
felt comfortable in the first session itself. She understood my health history and lifestyle completely and suggested changes. These lifestyle changes and also the addition of yoga and meditation has improved my emotional health and also the overall quality of my life. I feel more calm and relaxed now.

Ms. Juhee M

It has been such a fascinating journey being at receiving end with Gauri past few months. So grateful that in my toughest days she appeared like an angel and I could cope up with my anxiety and fear. The love and compassion she showered upon me took me out of this stagnant space I was imagining. A much needed empowerment I could have asked for after hitting rock bottom. Everyone comes into our life for a reason. Only some shine brighter than others.

Shraddha P

“Trust me when I say this, I literally cannot put down in words what these 7 sessions have done to me. It is not immense or huge, but definitely something has changed in me. I feel the calm. The outcome that I was looking for was not to get triggered by some people and I won’t lie, I still do get triggered by them, but the intensity has dropped to a level that made me feel so good and light. I swear something has changed in me, I just can’t pin point it to you that this is what has changed. I feel, at last, I’m on the road of positivity which I was looking for all these years. I finally feel that I can heal the damages done. Thank you so much for involving me in this. It gave me an opportunity to get myself out of my shell of negativity. I’m not exaggerating dear, but it is what it is. And that is why it is so lengthy. Thank you from bottom of my heart. <3”

Priyanka W

“I want to thank you, Yesterday was my 3rd session with you. Also, I practice those techniques post work out in evening. I am finding such drastic change in myself. I feel so relaxed, so happy, so positive and confident. I have stopped reacting to every small thing that I used to. In fact, I have managed to stay calm so easily. Also physically I’m finding drastic positive change in myself. I have been practicing these techniques since long but never got this drastic positive change in myself. I have been practicing these techniques since long but never got this drastic positive results which I have in these 3 sessions. And I have been striving hard since then to get this change. You give such positive vibes!! Thank you so much for this. ☺ After completion: We are friends since years and on Facebook, every time you posted a few tips, I used to think if ever I will get a chance to join you someday. But this lockdown made it possible ☺ I had undergone a surgery in February and the after effects were bad. I was disturbed mentally. I felt there is something wrong with my body as I was finding it difficult to get adjusted to the new system within. I had major breathing issues and so on. So basically I was finding it difficult to cope up post-surgery. But when I saw your post, I don’t know why, but I was so happy and felt those vibes that this will definitely help me as I have ample of time now. All the techniques that you taught were so comfortable, helpful and relaxing also the meditation sessions. I made sure that I’m always ready before time for your sessions and now this has become a routine for me. Whenever I’m free, I make sure I practice those techniques. It has made me so positive regarding my body, accepting those changes making me calm also has helped me with the major issue that I had was breathing and disturbance in my sleep pattern. I am so happy with the positive vibes that you gave. I wish you much greater success and waiting to join you soon <3 ☺xx”

Pari S

“I always wanted to start meditation, but somehow couldn’t manage to learn it. When Dr. Gauri posted about one of her programs, I enrolled immediately. Must say, her guidance was of immense value to me. 7 Sessions, learning step by step, made it very easy to understand and learn the process. Meditation has now become a daily ritual for me. The way she guided was really so beautiful. Beautiful experience, felt calm, peaceful, stress free and very positive. I loved the sound bathing and affirmation meditation so much. Thank you so much for this.”

Deepika B

“It was a really good experience, truly speaking, I had a headache since afternoon, before I started with you it was paining badly, but now it has gone. Feeling better. Thank you so much. ☺ “

Lahari G

“Thank you so much for organising the sessions and also everytime welcoming me with a warm and welcoming smile!! The sessions were enjoyable and I have learnt that this is the best way to release the stress at the end of the day and make ourselves at peace before bed.”

Philip C

“Gauri has been invaluable to my change in lifestyle. I was drinking too much, smoking and struggling with various health issues as well as not fulfilling my fitness/sporting goals. She started coaching me, primarily focused on my fitness and diet. My diet was tweaked so that I was eating more regularly but in moderation. I started running and within months started Judo again. The coaching she provided me with, came at a tough time in my life but with her support I still managed to stop smoking and drinking without her ever pushing me. I have since lost 6 kilos in weight and I feel fitter mentally and physically. Gauri has provided me with both mental and physical exercises that make a real difference. If you are seeking to change your lifestyle I would recommend her services without question. Her medical knowledge, kind, non-judgemental attitude was exactly what I needed. She put together a clear, organised programme that has and still is transforming my life!”

Christine I

“Dr. Gauri is highly skilled at combining her past experience in the healthcare field with powerful and effective Health Coaching technique to help her clients take that brave first step towards empowering lifestyle change. Anyone working with Dr. Gauri will benefit from her genuine warmth, patience and positive support as they work together towards developing lasting lifestyle strategies and finding greater personal joy.”

Dr. Girikumar V

It is with great humility and pride that I am penning this down for Dr. Gauri. I have know her since the days when we were doing health and well-being coaching. We both had many interactive sessions and for hours together we would discuss about the nuances of health and well-being coaching. I strongly believe that a health coach should possess three qualities for him/her to be successful in this field- patience, empathy and skilful listening. God has blessed Dr. Gauri with abundance of these three qualities. I am sure she will do wonders and sky is the only limit. I wish her all the best. Dr. Gauri, you simply rock.

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