Health & Happiness

Anxiety Relief Care

The Program Includes :

Orenda Maatru

A Motherhood Bliss & Balance Program
Couples who are planning to conceive:
Did you know, that even before conception, the mental and physical health of the parents matters? Stress is passed down genetically.
So I have carefully designed a program for couples who are planning to conceive in near future. That includes :
Motherhood Bliss and Balance Program(contd)
For the mothers who have conceived, I offer:
Motherhood Bliss and Balance Program(contd)
Postpartum care plan:
A lot changes after the arrival of a baby. Motherhood can be overwhelming and lonely if not cared for well. To make experience of new mother relaxing, I support mothers with postpartum concerns through integrative approaches

Auto Immunity Care

The Program Includes :

Wellness Collective

The Program Includes :

Orenda Healing Circles

The Program Includes :
Processing emotions can be a little heavy & overwhelming. That’s why I have come up with the initiative Orenda Healing Circle, so that it does not feel heavy or confrontational when you are caring for your mental well-being. This is a not a therapy, coaching or medical consultation. This has been created with an intention to create-

Corporate Program

The Program Includes :
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