With you,
Every Step of The Way

Our Holistic Healing Services

Anxiety relief care

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) relief

Stress Management

Psycho- Neuro- Endocrine-Physical mapping

Relationship Management

Emotion Management

Self-empowerment techniques

Panic Attack protocols

Childhood Trauma Resolution

Chakra imbalance diagnosis and healing

Grief counselling

Programming, EFT (Tapping) wherever necessary

We can also assist you with...

Making the right choices with food

Learn how to understand the signals that your mind & body sends you.

Incorporate the right exercises in your routine

Break the vicious cycle of overwhelm & fatigue

Teaching methods that will help you live more energetically

Tangible, achievable and realistic goal setting

Behavioral therapies based on Modern and Traditional Psychology

Application of various methods like Timeline Therapy, Neuro Linguistic

Orenda's Healing Pathway

Discovery Call

Determine Patient-Doctor Compatibility

Get custom plans

 Let’s heal together!

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